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Azerbaijan and Beauty exhibition:

As the wellbeing of the population in Azerbaijan improves, the need for the products and services of the beauty industry keeps steadily growing. According to the data of the State statistical committee of Azerbaijan, in 2008 the population income grew by 37.8% as compared to the year 2007 and amounted to 20.1 billion manat ($25,125 billion); while the figure per capita of population grew by 36.2% and amounted to 2343.2 manats ($2929), of which 66.1% was spent on consumer expenses. In 2009, Azerbaijan will remain the country with the most dynamic economy in CIS with GDP growth expected at 14% rate. According to the Report of the World Bank and International financial corporation "Doing Business - 2009", Azerbaijan was recognised as the leader in the field of economic reforms, having leaped from the 96th to the 33rd place since last year and made an unprecedented breakthrough in the rating of countries by acceptability of the business climate. The economic growth directly reflects on the development and expansion of the services sector market, including the beauty and health industry.
Organisation of the "Beauty and esthetic medicine" exhibition is a natural result of the dynamic development of the beauty industry and promotes its further development.

Exhibitors about Beauty:

«Exhibition gave us good opportunity to expand our grounds, establish new contacts with consumers and learn their opinion about our products and novelties»
Leyla Taghiyeva,
manager of Procter&Gamble

«We view our present debut in the Beauty exhibition as application of a most powerful marketing tool as a means of the best contact with consumers, particularly when the products are designated for wide masses of population. My advice to new "young" companies is that they should definitely take part in exhibitions, as it is a perfect way to declare your existence!»
Samira Teymurova,
Director General of the R&S BEAUTY LLC company




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